Who is Jon Kyl?

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Doug Ducey (R) announced Tuesday that he had picked former Sen.

PHOENIX - Jon Kyl has been named John McCain's successor in the U.S. Senate.

The appointment of Kyl will run through 2020, at which time a special election will determine who will fill the remainder of McCain's term, which ends in 2022.

"There is no one in Arizona with the stature of Jon Kyl", Ducey said, noting how Kyl has been working with the White House over the past few months to advance the nomination of Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh.

Kyl, 76, served with McCain in the Senate and rose to become Republican whip, the second-highest leadership post in his party's Senate leadership, before retiring in 2013. I am deeply grateful to Sen.

Kyl's entire career in Washington overlapped with McCain's, and he served with the state's senior senator for three terms before stepping down. McCain battled brain cancer at home in Arizona, missing all the Senate business since late 2017. There is no one more qualified and Arizona is well served. Kyl has worked closely with Kavanaugh, helping him navigate and prepare for meetings with senators leading up to his confirmation hearing this week. Garcia said he would have selected someone like Cindy McCain or former Attorney General Grant Woods, someone who was more in the mold of the late senator and who might be more willing to stand up to Trump.

Kyl is quite literally a Chamber of Commerce Republican, having served as chairman of the Phoenix chapter before being elected to the House to the first of four terms in 1986.

"I think McCain would be very happy with the pick".

Ducey said Kyl was "an expert on the matters facing Arizona", including water, land use and issues involving Native Americans.

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McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, disclosed the choice shortly ahead of Ducey's news conference. "Upon his appointment today, Mr. Kyl said, "... when I left the Senate nearly six years ago, I had no intention of returning.

Ducey signaled Kyl could be sworn into the Senate in the coming days and pushed back against allegations that the appointment was a politically-motivated move based exclusively on the supreme court nomination.

Woods could encounter difficulties in a Democratic primary, given his long-standing ties to the Republican Party.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is praising the selection of former U.S. Sen Jon Kyl to replace the late John McCain in the Senate.

Ducey also says he hopes Kyl will serve longer than his commitment to fill the seat until January 2019.

Ducey, meanwhile, will placate Arizona Republicans through his own re-election bid this fall. And if he does choose to stay, the GOP would (almost certainly) forfeit the advantage of incumbency when defending that seat during the next presidential election.

From a political standpoint, Kyl seemed the "more Republican" of the two Arizona Senators back when he and McCain were serving.

Kyl will be entering a narrowly divided senate where Republicans could gain or lose seats in November.