IPhone XC could be the name of Apple’s new entry level handset

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As expected, the three new iPhones will come with Apple A12 chipset under the hood, but the amount of RAM is still a mystery. Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are expected to be successors to the iPhone X released previous year as they both might feature OLED displays on the front.

According to the portal, the iPhone 2018 model would have at least two variants - iPhone XS and iPhone XC.

We're just counting down the days before one of the most awaited smartphone events of the year, especially for Apple fans who have been biding their time since the beginning of 2018.

Now, here's where we'll get to answer our question above: if the 256GB iPhone X is at Dh4,965.50, then - yes - the 512GB is a sure-fire above-Dh5,000 device. According to the latest leaks, Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus and iPhone Xc will be the names, though some reports pegged iPhone Xs Max as the name for the bigger variant. Comparing the USA and Chinese costs of the other two models with the Chinese price for the iPhone XS suggests it will sell for $875 in the U.S.

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But when it comes to the iPhone Xs series, there's another feature that is being rumoured. The leak also confirms that the new iPhones will be available starting 21st September.

However, being a cheaper variant, it will feature an LCD screen, an aluminum casing, glass back and a single rear camera. As The Verge reports, however, it appears that some early information has been leaked to the internet via popular social media platform Twitter - the information in question indicating that the entry level iPhone will be called the iPhone XC. That goes against a recent rumor that the name would be iPhone Xs Max instead. Apple is going to make the new iPhone Xr available in gold, though it will be slightly less powerful than the OLED models.

Although less likely, Apple may also launch new versions of its iPad Pro range. It is expected that the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone will be called iPhone XS Plus and the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone will be called iPhone XS. Business Insider details this here, showing that the iPhone 8 is highest in Brazil at $1,377 (Dh5,058).