Petrol Touches Rs.90.11 In This City

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So where exactly has the price of petrol hit the Rs 90 mark?

In the 13 days between August 29 and September 10, petrol and diesel prices have risen daily; in the case of petrol from Rs 81.45 to 84.06, and in the case of diesel from Rs 74.74 to Rs 77.98.

On Monday, the petrol per litre in Andhra Pradesh were sold at Rs ₹ 85.60 and diesel at Rs 79.22 per litre. Diesel was priced at Rs 77.47 per litre in Mumbai on Tuesday. The percentage increase was 20.5. Diesel rate touched its highest level of Rs 72.51 a litre. It is clear that the prime reason why petrol and diesel are expensive is because of the central and state taxes. The price in other metros are: Delhi - Rs 80.73; Chennai - Rs 83.91; and Kolkata - Rs 83.61.

Welcoming the Delhi High Court's order to dismiss pleas of the Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi challenging the reopening of their tax assessments for 2011-12, the BJP's national spokesperson, Sambit Patra, said it was a "victory of common man" and "exposes the real face of the Gandhi family".

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A day after the Congress and 21 other parties staged a nation-wide protest against fuel price hike and depreciation of the rupee and blamed the Narendra Modi-led NDA government for it, petrol prices on Tuesday breached the psychological barrier of Rs 90 in the BJP-ruled Maharashtra - a new record in India. The spike in prices has renewed calls for cut in excise duty but Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has remained non-committal, saying worldwide oil prices are volatile and have not shown any linear movement.

AIMTC's Gupta adds, "If they wish they can make our lives easier, now the small farmers are failing to cope with the price revisions every day, we are heavily reliant on this fuel, the changing prices not being put under a uniform ambit are hurting us the most, there has to be a rollback urgently".

Here is one aspect that Left parties who are in the forefront of the nationwide hartal against the galloping fuel prices on Monday should ponder. The VAT on diesel and petrol was reduced by 4 per cent, a fall in the prices by Rs 2.5 per litre. Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Assam, all of which have a higher sales tax on petrol, have a lower petrol price than Kerala. "If taxes are cut, prices will decline significantly". The tax imposed by the Centre on petrol (including customs and excise duties, and other cesses) is 52.75 per cent, and on diesel is 38.53 per cent.

Delhi charges a Value-Added Tax of 27 per cent on petrol and 17.24 per cent on diesel. It is true, what he has done in four years had not happened in 70 years.