Henry Cavill Posts Cryptic Instagram Video Amid Superman Exit Rumours

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The report, which appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, cited sources close to Warner Bros. who indicated that Cavill was preparing to part with the company after contract negotiations broke down. Without so much as uttering a single word, pulling a face other than one most would call "eerily stoic", or breaking eye contact with the camera, Cavill lowers the figure while a dog barking version of Johann Strauss II's 1886 waltz "The Blue Danube" sounds off in the background.

Henry Cavill has left fans baffled after posting a weird video hours after it emerged he hand hung up his Superman cape for good.

British actor Henry Cavill, better known as Superman, has chose to part ways with Warner Bros, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Superman has been indefinitely sidelined from the DC movie universe.

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Warner Bros. issued a statement saying it hasn't decided on Cavill's return.

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Actor Henry Cavill responded to the reports on Thursday that he might be exiting DC Extended Universe as Superman.

So, if Cavill is still onboard to play Superman, and Warner Bros. still have a good relationship with him, where's this story coming from?

Henry has form making silly videos for the internet.

It served to neither confirm or deny the rumours that he's stepping out of the spandex, and has, frankly, confounded fans. I'm highly suspect that Warner Bros. would drop him from Superman just after they were trying to get him into one of their three upcoming films that are coming out within the next year. Rumors had posited that Cavill's Superman was to potentially be a lynchpin to the DCEU the same way Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury was for Marvel Studios, although that idea may now be scrapped. But a cryptic new Instagram video from the (former?) Man of Steel himself may have confirmed that this is not the case.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is helping pave a way forward for Warner Bros superheroes. Or will there be backlash against Henry Cavill for not coming to terms with Warner Bros?