Here's Our First, Sans-Makeup Look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

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However, filmmaker Todd Phillips (The Hangover trilogy) is about to change that with his origin movie about the insane clown, headlined by Joaquin Phoenix. It was previously rumoured that the Joker will go by Arthur Fleck in the new film, and this new post seems to confirm it. The Joker has, of course, used many aliases over the years, but most have always involved a "J" somewhere (Jack Napier, Jack White etc.), so it's something of a departure for this incarnation to omit the letter entirely.

Joker is now filming for an October 4, 2019 release.

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Phillips captioned the image with just "Arthur", evidently this iteration of the Joker's name before he took on his mononym.

In the comics, there's no definitive backstory for Batman's greatest villain. Maybe Arthur will tell us how Joker got the scars? The pic shows Phoenix looking at the camera, with a slight smile on his visage. That's fitting, because Scorsese is also co-producing the Joker movie. Gone is the make up and dyed green hair, and instead, Phoenix looks dishevelled in drab clothing. With a $55 million budget, the current consensus is that the film will be more of a character study than a blockbuster action flick. The studio is also developing a standalone Joker film that will operate within the DC Universe and star Leto. Reports have painted the film as a King of Comedy-influence origin story, with Phoenix portraying a down-on-his-luck 80's comedian who [via The Wrap] "becomes the clown prince of crime after bombing with audiences".