Sadiq Khan claims London's police are preparing for "civil unrest" after Brexit

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Despite this, they are still overwhelmingly in favour of exiting the European Union, with two-thirds saying they would vote to leave if the vote was re-run tomorrow, according to a major new poll examining the attitudes of newspaper and website readers towards Brexit.

Speaking to BBC's Andrew Marr earlier today, he said: "Let me tell you the facts, which are that the police now are preparing for the possibility of civil unrest".

Her comments were in response to questioning about the Bank of England's governor Mark Carney's warning that a no-deal Brexit could see house prices crash by more than a third.

The IMF said it expected Britain's economy would grow by about 1.5% a year in 2018 and 2019 if a broad Brexit agreement was struck.

Mr Barnier is proposing using. Although the prime minister insists the choice will be between her deal and no deal, pro-EU lawmakers want further negotiations, or even remaining in the bloc, to be options. "The ancestors of many people we represent fought alongside the British in two world wars, but are now forced to stand aside in favour of people with no connection to the United Kingdom".

Checks could also be handled away from the border using "trusted-trader schemes", according to the report.

"We have to do everything possible to avoid a hard Brexit and to make possible that there will be a strong cooperation between the United Kingdom and the European Union", Kurz said Monday ahead of talks with French President Emmanuel Macron.

He added: "We're urging the Government to concentrate on getting a deal to ensure the continuation of tariff and friction free trade which is so important to the future of our economy".

There was talk of an open talk to oust May last week and Boris Johnson is very vocal in his criticism of the Chequers agreement.

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Requirements for a "backstop" arrangement at the Irish border, contained in December's agreement between Mrs May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, would leave the United Kingdom a "vassal state" of the EU, the former foreign secretary warned.

Committee chairman Hilary Benn said that with time running out to secure a withdrawal agreement there were "significant problems yet to be resolved", with the Irish border backstop the main sticking point.

"We plan to fight very, very hard to make mobility straight forward, regulations transparent and efficient so that this is less of an issue".

However, while other big-name Leavers have quit the cabinet over May's Brexit proposals to keep Britain close to the European Union on trade, Gove is backing the so-called Chequers master plan.

"I believe we'll get a good deal, we'll bring that back from the European Union negotiations and put that to Parliament", Mrs May told the BBC in an interview to be broadcast later on Monday (Sept 17).

But the risks are that the PM can not say for certain what the final deal will look like - and some Brexiteers were already determined not to vote for it, she added.

"The larger the impediments to trade in the new relationship, the costlier it will be", she said.

UUP MEP Jim Nicholson said unionists' first priority must be that "the constitutional integrity" of the Union wasn't "diminished by Brexit - deal or no deal".