Trump wants $200bn in tariffs on Chinese goods

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The comments come amid reports the two sides could resume talks to stave off a third round of U.S. tariffs.

Trump has reportedly said he is not anxious about the potential impact.

The reports come one week after Trump said he would be adding tariffs on $200bn in Chinese goods and had tariffs on another $267bn in Chinese imports "ready to go on short notice if I want".

Trump has already levied duties on Dollars 50 billion worth of Chinese goods based on his demands that China reduce its Dollars 375 billion trade surplus with the United States and make sweeping changes to policies on intellectual property and technology transfers and roll back high tech industrial subsidies.

A USA team of Trump administration officials led by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin still plans to hold meetings with a Chinese delegation led by Vice Premier Liu He September 27-28 in Washington, DC.

The Trump administration has already imposed 25 percent of tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Trump has tried to use tariffs to penalize a number of countries this year, including Mexico, Japan, Canada and members of the European Union, hoping that the threat of driving up costs on their products will make them more open to his demands.

Bloomberg reports that President Trump has told his top trade advisors that he "wasn't concerned" about their impact on negotiations with China.

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The Chinese have retaliated with tariffs on an equivalent amount of US exports, and have promised to match future rounds of USA duties. That's below the 25 per cent announced earlier this year.

On Friday, deputy White House press secretary Lindsay Walters said: "The president has been clear that he and his administration will continue to take action to address China's unfair trade practices". Mr Mnuchin has led a recent overture to the Chinese to restart trade talks.

Trump has hinted at another tranche of tariffs of $267 billion.

This year, imports from China through July were up almost 9 percent from the same period of 2017, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

The US president has vowed to target an additional $200 billion of Chinese goods, which would include a tax on electronic parts and consumer goods.

Some observers say the tariffs will likely cover a wide range of consumer goods, and that possible increases in their prices may severely impact U.S. consumers.

The United States ran a $233.5 billion deficit in goods trade with China in the first seven months of the year, an 8 percent increase over the same period in 2017.