Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic

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Not to be outdone by Nintendo's insanely popular NES and SNES Classic Edition retro consoles, Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic.

Sony surprised fans and retro gamers on Wednesday by launching the Playstation Classic, a miniature version of the company's first console, which debuted in 1994.

Sony, the company behind the PlayStation gaming console, unveiled a remake of the company's first console, the PlayStation Classic yesterday. Five have already been revealed (Wild Arms, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash, and Final Fantasy VII) with more on the way ahead of its December 3 release. Other than being absolutely ideal for filling those Christmas stockings, 3 December also mirrors the launch day of the PlayStation in Japan some 24 years ago.

Obviously, you won't need to use discs or memory cards with this mini version, but the old-school buttons still do something-the "open" button swaps the virtual game discs and the reset button pauses games.

The mini console is described to be roughly 45% smaller than the original model, although it'll maintain a classic look through similar controllers and packaging. The USB cable appears to be for power to the console; an AC adapter is sold separately.

With the classic, Sony is taking a page from Nintendo's playbook.

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Also included in the package are an HDMI cable and a USB cable.

Above all, though, the PlayStation Classic desperately needs a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. No word on how much supply Sony is looking to offer for the initial shipment, but pre-orders are now open at various retailers for those looking to pick up an early Christmas present.

It is shipping for $99.99 in the U.S., while the United Kingdom version costs just under £89.99.

What is included in the box with PlayStation Classic?

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