Passengers suffer nose, ear bleeds on Jet Airways flight

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The Civil Aviation ministry has asked aviation regulator DGCA for a report on the incident.

In the four-pager, Patel has accused the crew of Jet Airways of "dereliction of duty" and "poor crisis management" leading to the incident on September 20 on its Mumbai-Jaipur flight No. 9W-0697.

With a major Around 30 passengers on a Jet Airways - a Boeing 737 Mumbai-Jaipur flight suffered ear and nose bleeds owing to low cabin pressure during the flight's climb, as the leading news agency ANI reported. The plane had to turn back to the Mumbai airport.

"The B737 aircraft, with 166 guests and 5 crew landed normally in Mumbai", Jet Airways said in a statement.

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In January, two Jet Airways pilots were grounded for getting into a brawl and storming out of the cockpit briefly during a New Year's Day flight from London to Mumbai.

Taking cognisance of the matter, the MoCA said that the crew members who were on duty for the particular flight are being de-rostered on account of the incident. "All guests were deplaned safely and taken to the terminal".

Narrating the horrific incident, a passenger, Darshak Hathi, said, "After we took off the AC malfunctioned, then air pressure system malfunctioned too and oxygen masks came out. First aid was administered to guests who complained of bleeding nose etc".

"After an hour of high-altitude flying, the flight had to make an emergency landing and about 30 passengers had blood (in ears and nose) and the rest were suffocating, putting the travelers in death-bed situation and condition", said Patel. Jet Airways "posted a loss of about $189 million for the April-June quarter", the wire service said.