Amitabh Bachchan refuses to comment on Nana Patekar harassment claims

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Janice tweeted what Tanushree had told her at that time, and said that it matched the sequence of events she described in the interview to Zoom TV.

However, journalist Janice Sequeira who was present on the sets 10 years ago, took to social media to share her version of the derisive incident.

The Statesmen quoted her saying, "I want to take names - actor Nana Patekar, producer Sami Siddiqui, director Rakesh Sarang, and choreographer Ganesh Acharya".

The former Miss India Universe feels let down that the entire industry has continued to work with those whom she named. He has beaten few actresses on the sets and also molested them. "So when we filed the police report, they filed a counter complaint and because of the counter FIR, my dad, hair dresser and spot boy had to go through so much harassment over the next couple of years", Tanushree Dutta added.

She further added, "Everyone has gossiped about this but they've never spoken".

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Tanushree also alleged that he called goons to the set, who vandalised her auto as she attempted to leave.

Tanushree had alleged that Ganesh Acharya's name was recommended by the actress, and that she felt a "stabbed in the back" when he continued to work with Patekar.

An eyewitness Janice Sequeira has come forward in support of the actress now. She says, "It was fearless of me to face the situation without shedding a tear, but I really hope that no other actress has to experience it".

Accused of sexual harassment by actress Tanushree Dutta, Nana Patekar remains defiant. She said that one of her friends had once overheard an actor talking to a casting director about choosing the female lead in a film. When her parents arrived to pick her up, their auto was attacked too and windshields were broken. Back then Nana Patekar refuted the claims made by the actress in a press conference and said, "Tanushree is my daughter's age and I have no clues about what made her say such things about me". She had gotten in touch with Nana on the sets only to hear "meri beti jaisi hai" from him. "So, my question is, 'Who is going to believe these hypocrites?' These are the people who stand up and raise their voice against women empowerment", she had said.

Whatever the reality, we hope justice is served. And the producers called up the media to gain publicity from the whole situation. We shall patiently wait for Nana to say his part.