Lindsay Lohan "Rescue" Attempt Of Refugee Children Backfires In Bizarre Instagram Video

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As she continues to follow the family, Lohan is heard saying "give me your hand" before the video gets shaky and she apparently falls to the ground.

The family eventually get up to move away from Lindsay and she shouts after them, "you're ruining Arab culture by doing this", "I'm with you boys" and accuses the family of trafficking children.

"Lindsay is heartbroken and bewildered by the backlash and ridicule she's been subjected to over the refugee video she posted", a source close to the actress tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. "You want to come with me? I'm with you boys, don't worry, the whole world is seeing this right now". "They want to go", she says.

After the actress accused a mother of trafficking her own kids, she ended up being punched in the face, and now fans are very confused. Do you want to stay in a hotel tonight? Yeah. It'd be so cool, right, to watch a movie on TV or a computer?

"You should not have them [your sons] on the floor, you should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what you [can] for your children, so they have a better life", the increasingly confrontational actress tells the woman. You should not have them on the floor. While, at first, Lohan thought the family was coming with her, she soon realised that they are moving away from her.

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As she tries to get a hold of one of the children, the mom appears to push Lohan and the video ends with Lohan crying. Now I know who you are.

The actress had been riding in a vehicle in what TMZ has said is Moscow when she spotted a homeless family by the roadside.

"They're trafficking children." Lohan says before threatening them. Let's go. You're gonna be the boss from now on. "I literally can't. I don't think I can ever change what I want..." As the video concludes, Lohan is in tears and says she was just trying to save the kids.

The footage is no longer available to view on Lohan's Instagram account, but was captured by her many followers. Lohan wasn't about to listen to anyone, but the fact that people are telling hater to stop as she's behaving in such a manner pretty much makes them complicit in her behavior.