Event with Senator Jeff Flake is relocated due to Kavanaugh protest

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Sens. Jeff Flake and Chris Coons said in an interview that aired Sunday that if the FBI investigation into sexual assault and misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh finds that the judge lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his testimony on Thursday, his nomination likely would not move forward.

Arguably the biggest moment of Mr. Flake's more than 16-year career in Congress came Friday when he called for the Kavanaugh nomination to be delayed a week to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation time to investigate allegations of sexual assault that have been leveled against Mr. Trump's pick for the high court.

The Arizona Republican made the comments during a broader speech Friday at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, his latest act that could be read as an early foray into the world of 2020 presidential politics.

His desire to talk about compromise and bridging divides certainly had more resonance after Flake acted Friday to slow down (even for a week) the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake came to Boston on Monday with this question hanging over his head like the tenebrific October skies: Is he a rising star or a falling one? Flake has decided against running for reelection, realizing that his outspoken criticism of Trump would make it hard to survive a Republican primary in Arizona.

On the issue of the scope of the FBI's investigation, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said White House counsel Don McGahn, who is managing Kavanaugh's nomination, "has allowed the Senate to dictate what these terms look like, and what the scope of the investigation is".

"I've been failing my tribe for some time now", he continued.

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"I hope there is an appetite for it", Mr. Rath said of Flake's message.

Capitol police reportedly confirmed that Sens. "It is tearing our country apart".

"There's a chance, and we knew that", he said.

Katie Hedberg of Plymouth, who was one of just over 100 people who came out to protest, said she wasn't sure whether Flake's call for an investigation was honest or if it was a way to give embattled Republicans cover to vote for Kavanaugh ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

"I, for one, am waiting for the additional information that will come from the supplemental FBI investigation to inform me", Flake said. "I don't see that happening in my case", Flake said. "I felt that we weren't doing due diligence with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court", Flake said.

"There is a big concern among a lot of Republicans, traditional Republicans who believe in limited government, economic freedom, free trade, a strong America, American leadership", said Flake. "And that was just last week", Flake said.