Netflix Is Constructing An Interactive Plot For "Black Mirror" & Other Shows

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The widespread availability of high-speed internet, the prevalence of touch screens and interactive games have all laid the groundwork for shows that ask the viewer to engage. Presumably, viewers will be able to go back and try different endings, but it would be very Black Mirror if you were locked into your choice and couldn't turn back.

It is no secret that Netflix has been planning to combine traditional formatting with video games in the coming years.

We've also ranked our top 10 Black Mirror episodes of all time, the show, by Charlie Brooker and once a Channel 4 exclusive in the United Kingdom, that is now available on Netflix.

In its four-season run so far, "Black Mirror" has become one of Netflix's biggest shows.

One of the season 5 episodes will allow viewers to choose-their-own-adventure.

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A new report from Bloomberg reveals the fifth season of Black Mirror is expected to arrive this December, which makes sense considering the last two seasons dropped around then.

Bloomberg added that the "Black Mirror" episode "is the first of several experiments with live-action interactive programming for Netflix, and the first interactive show designed for adult viewers".

Is this the future of interactive TV, or just an ill-advised gimmick?

Netflix will also be "developing a slate of specials" with the same model, the outlet notes, in either a TV episode or movie. Fans were quick to discuss the new idea, with one writing: "As if Black Mirror couldn't get more disturbing". The show is based on an adventure game from Telltale Games (which recently laid off a vast majority of its staff) in which players were faced with tough decisions about how to proceed on a treacherous journey through the world of Minecraft. At this point we don't really know how exactly the interactivity will work, but both publications reported that it will be a sort of choose-your-own-adventure thing.