Dana White Talks Possible Fines and Suspensions, Says Both Checks on Hold

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In the main event for the fight card, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted former champion Conor McGregor in the fourth round.

Nurmagomedov beat McGregor inside four rounds in Las Vegas before he leapt into the crowd and fought with one of his opponent's trainers.

He said the Nevada State Athletic Commission "is going to hand down some type of fine or suspension" for Nurmagomedov's post-fight antics.

It has emerged that 53 people flying to Las Vegas from Dublin Airport to watch the McGregor fight on Sunday morning were not permitted to travel.


The original footage reviewed by the NSAC seemingly made McGregor look like the victim but upon subsequent examination of different camera angles of the incident, it's been chose to file complaints against both men involved in the main event. We'll see what happens with Khabib and what's next.

Nurmagomedov had already said he was wary of his father's reaction to Saturday's events.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov told the media that a "smash" from his father awaited him when he returned from UFC 229 - and it turns out he might not have been kidding.

McGregor also threw punches at members of Nurmagomedov's camp after the fight.

McGregor's signature pre-fight trash-talk gab took on a more insidious nature, which clearly got to Nurmagomedov and exploded into violent chaos after the fight was supposed to be over. There were three arrests, UFC president Dana White said, yet no formal charges were made because McGregor decided against pursuing the case. "I want to change the game, you can not talk about religion, about nationality".

McGregor's $3-million ($4.2-million) was not withheld after commission officials examined video footage and determined his side had done nothing wrong in the melee.

While Khabib vs McGregor II would definitely do numbers, there are other fighters who are looking for a title shot as well.

White also said of the three Nurmagomedov associates: "The guys who jumped in will never fight here". What about this? Why are people talking about my jumping over the cage? "The first time I saw him on screen he didn't look 100 percent in that fight". When you have such an fantastic event that we've worked hard to build over the last several months and it goes flawless, I mean literally it was too eerie. I don't know when things started turning into some kind of s-t show?!