Rosenstein And I 'Have A Good Relationship'

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President Donald Trump declared a reprieve today for Rod Rosenstein, saying he has no plans to fire his deputy attorney general whose future has been the source of intense speculation for two weeks.

"I've told them to work with local authorities to try to change the bad deal the city of Chicago entered into with the ACLU, which ties law enforcement's hands".

His comments were a reprise of a vow made previous year to bring federal help to fight Chicago's crime.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

Trump also called Democrats "anti-police" for launching 'political attacks on our courageous police officers'.

Police seized contraband from at least 30 per cent of people stopped by New York City police before Scheindlin issued her ruling. A 6-month-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were among the victims. "So it works. Got to be properly applied but stop and frisk works", he continued.

When Trump advocated during a 2016 presidential debate for a renewed emphasis on stop and frisk strategies, Hillary Clinton claimed it had been declared unconstitutional.

Terry v. OH was a 1968 Supreme Court case, decided 8-1, that gave police the power to stop and frisk a person they reasonably suspect is illegally armed or committing a crime, or about to commit a crime.

In 2016, the Chicago Police Department signed an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union, promising to limit "stop and frisk" encounters.

"Every single day of my administration we will stand for law, order and justice", the commander-in-chief told those assembled.

The ACLU had criticized the police for disproportionately stopping minorities and failing to list lawful reasons for stops on the "contact cards" they were supposed to fill out. "We can not be on every street corner of this city, every moment of the day". He has faced widespread criticism over his handling of gun violence. The crime spree is a awful blight on that city and we'll do everything possible to get it done. "I know the law enforcement people in Chicago, and I know how good they are".

"We will always have your back, now and forever", the president promised.

Trump also said reducing crime "begins with respecting law enforcement".

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Police in NY still use the tactic, but are much more circumspect about using it. And I've never seen it more than over the last few years.

The criminal aliens to whom Trump referred include, as he said, "thousands of vicious gang members" and "MS 13 predators".

"Politicians who spread risky anti-police sentiment make life easier for criminals and more unsafe for law-abiding citizens", he said. "And it must stop, and it must stop now".

"Law enforcement officers are trained to treat all individuals, whether they are a complainant, suspect, or defendant, with dignity and respect", the statement said. "Is that even believable?" he said.

The violent crime rate-including offenses such as murder, robbery, and aggravated assault-dropped by nearly 1 percent in 2017. He turned to Chicago as an example of major city with a crime problem.

He also offered his condolences to the family of Terrence Carraway, who was fatally shot last week while responding to a hostage situation in SC. Six other officers were injured during the incident.

Trump said Kavanaugh would be "a faithful defender of the rule of law".

Local police, fire department, and deputy sheriffs help a man who is overdosing in the Drexel neighborhood of Dayton, Ohio, on August 3, 2017.

Asked by a reporter on Monday if he had any plans to fire Rosenstein, Trump said: "No I don't, no".

The money will fund more than 50 innovative projects through the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy's High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program.

"It works and was meant for problems like Chicago", he said.

The president also said he and his administration are committed to improving school safety and fighting the opioid crisis.

Later, still speaking of the Justice Department, he added "there's a lingering stench, and we're going to get rid of that too".