Chinese, Russian spies hack Trump’s phone

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In response to a New York Times report that Chinese spies are listening in on Donald Trump's personal phone calls, China's Foreign Ministry has crafted it's most trolling response in recent memory. "If they are still not reassured, for the sake of absolute security, they may stop using all modern communications devices and cut themselves off from the outside world".

Apparently, China and Russian Federation are listening to his calls, the New York Times reported. gathers that foreign governments were intercepting the USA president's calls through cell towers and cables that are part of cellphone networks.

Donald Trump termed the NYT report as a "fake story" and said he rarely uses his cellphone.

"This just provides more evidence of the New York Times creating fake news", Ms Hua said in Beijing, borrowing a favourite Trump line.

In its report, the Times cited current and former officials who said they were frustrated by Mr Trump's "casual approach" to electronic security.

The Chinese are allegedly using the intel harvested from Trump's cell phone calls to influence their trade war with the United States by putting together a list of people Trump talks to and "using them to influence the president" by tapping Chinese businessmen to feed them propaganda.

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The Times reported on Wednesday that Mr Trump had disregarded warnings from his aides that China and Russian Federation were monitoring his conversations.

The New York Times reports that American agents believe China is in fact listening in to the President's private calls.

"Second if they are anxious about Apple phones being listened in on, they should swap them with Huawei phones", Hua said, referring to one of China's largest telecommunications firms, which has been largely blocked from the U.S. market over national security concerns.

In a post on Twitter, Newman wrote that Trump "ALWAYS used his personal iPhone in [the White House] for calls even after being told over and over again about the security risk".

A representative for the U.S. Secret Service declined to comment on the reported episode when reached by The Washington Times.

President Trump began his Thursday morning by blaming the attempted assassination of his political adversaries on the media. "Story is soooo wrong!"