How Heidi Klum transformed herself into Shrek's Princess Fiona for Halloween costume

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There's a nationwide push underway to change Halloween forever.

A petition on has been created by the Halloween and Costume Association titled "Saturday Halloween Movement", and has been signed by over 13,000 people.

The organization cites safety concerns as a primary reason why Halloween should be held on a Saturday instead of a weekday evening.

We love scrolling through Instagram the day after the festivities to see which A-Listers really went to town with their costume and our victor this year, and every year, has to be.

As little ghoulish ghosts and cackling witches prepare to take to the streets in search of candy, a group in the calling for Halloween to be moved to a different date.

"We always run out of candy and we get lots of people", Bremer's neighbor, David Hamburger, added.

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This year, Halloween lands on a Wednesday.

"I didn't even know that".

The push to move the holiday is coming from the US -based Halloween and Costume Association, which says it would be safer for kids and easier on parents. Giving parents the opportunity to start trick or treating earlier in the day would avoid such issues.

Check out Heidi Klum's Twitter feed to see how her Princess Fiona costume came together, but also to see some of her other fantastic looks from parties earlier this month.

"In the school buildings, kids are hyped on that day so no matter when it falls, it's kind of a wasted day", he said.