Fortnite to Bring New NFL Skins Later This Week With New Update

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Therefore, we believe that Epic Games is planning to introduce the new weapon alongside the upcoming weekly update. Epic Games hinted on its official Update News Feed that the highly anticipated Heavy Assault Rife is going to arrive sooner than expected. It can be found in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants and deals 44/46/48 damage respectively.

Fortnite's Cube Monsters are sticking around a little longer in a brand new limited time mode for Battle Royale. Eliminate the other team to win.Monster spawners are scattered throughout the map and also appear each time the storm closes in to a new circle.Monsters can drop weapons or ammo when destroyed. Epic collaborated with Marvel earlier this year to offer a limited-time mode in which players could choose to play as Thanos.

The game should generally require less memory to provide a more constant refresh rate, but also reduce the size of updates, which are inevitably common in a title like this.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and developer Epic Games is using that status to attract some impressive partners. From the Battle Royale Item Shop, you can also pick up a referee outfit, gliders, emotes, and resource harvesting tools with a football theme.

With the US football season already at the halfway point, Epic Games announced a partnership with the NFL to bring team outfits to Fortnite. You'll be armed and ready in no time! Two teams will battle it out as Cube Monsters monsters join the fight.

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It's a bummer, but it also shows how sometimes players may overthink what they see in Fortnite. The new gear goes live November 9, 2018, at 7 PM ET. Professional players in football, soccer and other sports have broken out into "Fortnite" celebration dances during real-world sports events.

Fortnitemares Part 2 quests are now available!

Abilities cost 50% less energy during Evening and Night.

As for other changes with this patch, you can find the full patch notes here.