Google's New Android Ecosystem Security Report Provides Play Protect Data in Detail

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Google, for its part, hasn't exactly helped conserve battery life on Android with the Material Design-ification of all of its apps, though. The white color indirectly utilizes more power than darker colors. In essence, pixels displaying the colour black are actually turned off and are using very little power - if any. On Google Maps, even at full brightness, using night mode can save about 30 percent of the battery.

We know the advantages of OLED screens.

The tech giant showed an image of a YouTube video paused on a device running YouTube in its default view and juxtaposed it with the same scenario, but with Youtube running in dark mode. The company acknowledged that white is "less than ideal". Now at 100-percent brightness, it's a much bigger gap, of around 60-percent.

As in current time, the maximum number of applications have been adopting the well-known dark mode feature in an active way in recent months.

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Google's Android Dev Summit has been going on since Wednesday morning and was the site for Google's acknowledgement that foldable displays are coming and that Android will support them. There are many Android users, like yours truly, who love the look of Dark Mode even under well lit conditions. Now Google is slowly introducing dark themes back into their apps, one by one. One of their solutions was to implement a dark UI. But so far, only a couple have dark modes available, like YouTube and Google News.

The battery-saving effects of dark modes are also more apparent on OLED displays, which most top smartphones use these days, compared to more traditional LCD displays. With the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max all using OLED screens, there's an opportunity to make good-looking apps that are also good for battery life.

There are other, non-Google apps out there that do have dark modes, like Twitter. In particular, newer Android versions-such as Nougat, Oreo, and Pie-are more resilient to privilege escalation attacks that had previously allowed PHAs to gain persistence on devices and protect themselves against removal attempts, ' the company explains on its blog.