House Republicans elect Kevin McCarthy to replace Paul Ryan

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But McCarthy told "CBS This Morning" that he's focused on broadening the appeal of the Republican Party, not on hewing to conservative positions. Joni Ernst, as they sought to address the optics of the GOP side of the aisle being dominated by men.

Newly elected House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California acknowledged at a press conference Wednesday that winning back the American suburbs will be a "challenge" in 2020 but said multiple times at the press conference that "history was against" the GOP keeping control of both chambers of Congress in a midterm election with a first-term Republican president in the Oval Office.

While the faces of Democratic Senate leadership remained largely the same, Republicans saw a shake-up due to term limits and retirements.

However, Republicans retained control of the Senate. Meanwhile, Pelosi is continuing to project confidence - even as she calls incoming lawmakers and touts the multitude of endorsements from various colleagues and outside groups.

Rick Scott is Florida's Republican governor, not a senator-elect. But since his election, he has changed course, saying instead the money must come from Congress and United States taxpayers.

"I'm going to be speaker", Mrs. Pelosi said Wednesday.

As midterm election results continue to come in, Democrats have made further gains in the House.

But Nate Cohn in The New York Times wrote that while Democrats did better in suburban areas of the Midwest and the country in general, they "struggled to a surprising extent" in the old mining and industrial towns that used to be Democratic strongholds. Yet there he was at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's left shoulder when the Kentucky Republican welcomed GOP senators who will take their seats in January when the new Congress is sworn in.

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy are running for House minority leader.

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The new Republican leaders panned the notion of Democratic House oversight over the administration.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of OH says the GOP lost its House majority in the midterm election because it didn't deliver on promises to secure the U.S. -Mexico border, fund President Donald Trump's wall and replace the Obama health care law.

"We will work with anybody across that aisle if they are there to work to move America forward".

Jordan, a pugnacious conservative and former Division I college wrestling champion, ran against McCarthy -- and the current slate of GOP leaders.

California's 10th was one of 25 Republican-held House districts that selected Democrat Hillary Clinton over President Donald Trump in 2016, according to Ballotpedia, serving as one of the races Democrats needed to flip in order to take back the House and check Trump.

Cisneros is battling Republican Young Kim to replace retiring Republican Rep. Ed Royce in Southern California's 39th District.

Trump, who is close to McCarthy but also friendly with Jordan, largely stayed on the sidelines in the intraparty House contest.

They two encountered questions and finger-pointing during a private meeting with lawmakers Tuesday night as the GOP sorted through the midterm defeat that put Democrats in the majority next year. Democrats lead in all those races.

Also on Wednesday, Iowa's junior U.S. Sen.