Google's Incredible Night Sight Mode Was Worth the Wait

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Google has already taken cameraphone technology to the next level with its initial offering of the 12.2-megapixel camera in the Pixel 3.

Next, I moved on to a face-off between the Pixel 3 and the Galaxy Note 9; a battle of computer smarts versus a wider f/1.5 lens aided by a touch of AI tuning. Users have spotted heating problems in various modes of the Pixel 3, including wireless charging of the phone vis Google's Pixel Stand. The newest and most exciting products were not included in Google's initial Black Friday announcement, but Google is back with a few extra promotions dedicated to Pixel fans.

Three has offered up not just a Google Pixel 3, but also a Google Home Mini rolled into one nice bundle - oh, and a little monthly data package of 100GB! The update is rolling out to all Pixel devices as of now, but the Search giant has said that the new feature will work best in the Pixel 3 series. Text on signs is clearer, the overall image is much less grainy, and you can even make out each individual brick in the building no matter where you're looking. Since the algorithms capture multiple pictures in burst mode, when something in the frame is moving, the Night Sight mode produces a motion blur effect on the picture rather than improve quality. As the names imply, the first one promises to introduce a superior zoom, whereas the second one enhances lighting.

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Night Sight is exactly what the Pixel 3 needed to really round out its photo toolkit.

Hands down, Google's Night Sight is a pretty incredible feature, as it can light up images in near pitch-dark conditions to something that's usable.

Until now, nearly every smartphone was having the issue of bad quality photos taken in the night time or in low light environments. Night Sight is a bit out of the way. With Night Sight, Google extends the capture time to gather more data about the scene. Now, the company has released the new software update to the predecessor.