Kate ignores feud rumours with sweet words about Harry and Meghan's baby

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OK, things aren't that bad across the pond, but here's a fascinating and unsettling little tidbit from Royal-world tonight: Kate and Meghan aren't exactly the best of friends! When asked by a fan if she was excited about Meghan's pregnancy, as seen in a video the asker shared on Instagram, the Duchess of Cambridge said, "Absolutely". "They're getting excited for Christmas time, because they've started all their Christmas songs and the Christmas trees are going up".

'They had a bit of a fall out which was only resolved when Charles stepped in and asked William to make an effort.

It's believed that recent tension has formed between the two brothers after their leading ladies, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton aren't getting along as well as everyone hoped.

According to The Sun, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently decided they don't want to live in Kensington Palace next to William and Kate and are instead moving to Frogmore Cottage.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, George's cousin Ben Breslin - who still lives in George's hometown of Augusta, Kentucky - told the publication that they are convinced the pair will have the honour after becoming incredibly close with the royal couple. "He's getting a big boy!" she said.

William Harry Meghan and Kate will no longer be living at Kensington Palace
William Harry Meghan and Kate will no longer be living at Kensington Palace

For those who don't know, Frogmore Cottage is situated on the grounds of Windsor Home Park, near Windsor Castle, where Meghan and Harry Wednesday earlier this year. Except, that is, Meghan Markle and Wallis Simpson.

Reports that Kate was reduced to tears after the fitting of her daughter Princess Charlotte's bridesmaids dress were published this week which then triggered a wave of speculation the duchesses did not get along.

The source added that the PA "will be missed by everyone in the Royal Household".

However, body language expert Judi James has now suggested that the "first signs" of a royal rift between Meghan and Kate actually began months ago.

A Kensington Palace spokesman had declined to comment when the story first broke earlier this month but a Palace source did pay tribute to Melissa in a highly unusual move.

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