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Thousands of migrants who have crowded into the Mexican border town of Tijuana have health issues, including lice and tuberculosis, Tijuana's Health Department said. Agents discovered one of the men, 46-year-old Miguel Angel Ramirez, was released from prison in Honduras four months ago after serving 10 years for homicide and three years for robbery. They point to images of crying barefoot children running from clouds of tear gas after Sunday's clash as proof of the administration's inhumane treatment. "Or are they fleeing because they committed a crime and law enforcement is after them in their own country?"

On Monday, 57-year-old Mexican citizen Hector Rodriguez-Chavez - who prosecutors said has been deported from the US on five occasions - was allegedly spotted hiding in tall grass about two miles east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. That prompted Border Patrol agents to launch tear gas and pepper spray balls to quell the unrest in the crowd that included small children in diapers.

Trump, conversely, has dubbed the migrants an invading force that must be stopped, even threatening to shut the US border if Mexico does not deport those gathered in Tijuana.

Border Patrol officials reported 786 assaults against agents in fiscal year 2017, a spike of 73 percent over fiscal year 2016, even though apprehensions fell from 415,816 to 310,532.

Charges were not filed because the administration generally doesn't separate families and because Customs and Border Protection didn't collect enough evidence needed to build cases, including the names of arresting officers, according to a USA official familiar with the matter who was not authorized to discuss it publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. They fanned out on both sides of the crossing and many slipped through an opening in the border fence or tried to climb over.

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The suspect allegedly admitted to being from El Salvador and entering the US without authorization.

Meanwhile, the collective momentum which brought the migrants safely through Mexico has dissipated, as caravan members face the dawning realisation that they may be stuck here for months - and that they will make their next steps alone.

USA customs and border control officers fired tear gas canisters into Mexico at dozens of migrants who tried to rush border fencing on Sunday. They briefly escaped and were captured.

The other two men who were arrested, ages 38 and 22, were Honduran nationals.

But assault cases are harder to prove, requiring more investigation and evidence, and it's not clear yet if the men will be charged by federal prosecutors. Nearly all of them want asylum in the United States.