South's military: North Korean soldier defects to South

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The President's comments came hours after Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a working meeting in Argentina, discussing several issues that included a temporary freeze on higher tariffs, fentanyl reclassification as a controlled substance, and the North Korea peninsula.

According to CNN, President Moon Jae-in has "long dreamed" of building a trans-Korean railroad because of the economic benefits that would result in being more easily connected to China and Russian Federation.

President Moon Jae-in (right) and First Lady Kim Jung-sook.

- Kim visit to Seoul this year?

"The government will make preparations so that the ceremony will take place within the year, as leaders of the South and North agreed", he said at the event at Dorasan Station.

When it arrives at Panmun Station - the first North Korean terminal across the border - the six carriages will be linked up to a North Korean train, and the South Korean locomotive will return home. Discussions to determine the location of the second rendezvous are ongoing.

Negotiations between the US and North Korea on ending its nuclear program have appeared to stall in the months since Trump and Kim held a historic summit in Singapore in June.

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Trump also said that "at some point" he would invite Kim to visit the USA, though he gave no indication of when.

"We're getting along very well".

"Peace on the Korean Peninsula will solidify and both the South and North will prosper together as our railways link as one in the future", Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon said in a congratulatory speech.

With the USA offering a more specific timeline for the second meeting between Kim and Trump, analysts urged Moon to assume the role of an "honest broker" that he had played before the Singapore summit.

The summit may take place as soon as December 13-14, but North Korea has expressed concerns about security arrangements in that time. Days after the cancellation, Moon held his second summit with Kim and helped him proceed with his meeting with Trump.

"If the U.S. and North Korea continue to be left to break the stalemate by themselves, there will never be a compromise".

Prospects for a second summit to overcome a current logjam in negotiations will likely depend on whether either the USA or DPRK can show flexibility with regards to offering gestures surrounding sanctions relief or steps towards denuclearization. But prospects of a fourth Moon-Kim meeting have recently dimmed, with negotiations on denuclearising the North grinding to a halt.