Google: The Year in Search 2018

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Google just released its "Year in Search" statistics, and it offers a pretty good glimpse into what was on our collective mind in the Year of our Lord 2018. The top people searched for were Meghan Markle, Demi Lovato, Sylvester Stallone, Logan Paul, and Khloe Kardashian.

But, seven of the 10 most keenly pursued new searches for the year globally centered on rising stars or established icons who passed, among them Anthony Bourdain, Stephen Hawking and Kate Spade.

As a result, most of the top results are big stories and events that came out of nowhere or only happen every few years.

As far as overall searches, the World Cup takes home that crown, but some deceased musicians are also on the list: Avicii is second, Mac Miller is third, and XXXTentacion is eighth.

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People also wanted to be good civic stewards: In the U.S., the top "how to" searches were "how to vote" and "how to register to vote", followed by "how to play Mega Millions", and a few tech-related queries: "how to buy [the cryptocurrency] Ripple", "how to turn off automatic updates", and "how to get the old Snapchat back". 2018 was also a year of tragedy. While many have called it much better than YouTube's annual rewind video, others have thanked Google for creating the heartwarming video.

On a lighter note, the ever-popular Marvel movies also topped the search charts. You can also sort 2018's search trends by country. The surprise here, however, is that Black Panther dethroned the unstoppable hype machine that was Infinity War.

One more! Guess who the most searched personality of 2018 in India was?