Phillies in Process of Setting Up Meeting With Bryce Harper

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The Manny Machado and Bryce Harper sweepstakes have always been intertwined. The White Sox are also interested in Bryce Harper but don't appear to be willing to go past seven years on a contract.

However, if the Phillies, Chicago White Sox, or some other team were to offer, say, a full 10-year deal at or above $400 million total value, such security would likely prove hard to turn down.

The report characterized the long-term offer as serious and likely closer to $200 million than $300 million. I understand there are some warts with any free agent, and that's true with Harper and Machado, but it would be nuts to me if they wind up signing a seven-year deal, even at $30 million AAV.

Those preferences could mean the White Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies, like the South Siders in on both mega free agents, would have to come to the table with huge contract offers.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago White Sox were touted as the three main contenders for his signature, but there seems to be many other franchises that also keeping an eye on the situation. However, both Machado and Harper were said to not be too keen on moving to Philadelphia and therefore, the team would have to bid significantly higher in order to turn the two players' heads. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Sox land him, knowing that they have also been "all-in" on Harper as well.

It's still unclear whether the Nationals' interest is still on the terms they discussed at the end of the season, or whether the team's priorities have changed. Per Bowden, the 10-year, $300MM offer was merely the first offer the Nationals made to their erstwhile superstar.

Chicago has not yet made a formal offer to Harper but the club has been in "constant contact" with his reps and met with Harper, his wife, and his agent Scott Boras in Las Vegas six weeks ago.