Trump pushes for border wall funding in Oval Office address

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Vice President Mike Pence says Democrats were "unwilling to even negotiate" an end to the partial government shutdown and the standoff over President Donald Trump's desire for a border barrier.

By the end of this workweek, this would become the longest partial government shutdown in USA history and many federal workers would miss their first paychecks.

Trump, who has long railed against illegal immigration at the border, has recently seized on humanitarian concerns to argue there is a broader crisis that can only be solved with a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. We can hire the personnel we need to facilitate trade and immigration at the border.

New U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan says she's willing to discuss providing funding for Trump's proposed wall, but says the shutdown needs to end first. We can reopen the government and continue to work through disagreements about policy. But she said there was "no way" the shutdown fight would drag on for years as Trump warned last week.

Ahead of his visit to Capitol Hill, Trump renewed his notice that he might declare a national emergency and try to authorize the wall on his own if Congress won't approve the money he's asking.

The two have also strategized together in lengthy meetings before White House negotiations, and chose to deliver the rebuttal to President Donald Trump's Tuesday Oval Office address together.

Pelosi, who delivered the first part of the Democratic rebuttal Tuesday night, said Americans "all agree that we need to secure our borders while honoring our values".

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"I think certainly I have expressed more than a few times the frustrations with a government shutdown and how useless it is", Capito said Tuesday.

Emphasizing that he's not abandoning his security argument, Trump said in a fundraising email Tuesday: "I want to make one thing clear to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi: Your safety is not a political game or a negotiation tactic!" "We can fund more innovation to detect unauthorized crossings".

Unsurprisingly, after Trump's lie filled speech was over, speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and senate minority leader Chuck Schumer took the stage to make a joint address decrying Trump's scare tactics.

"I just addressed the nation on Border Security". They are particularly concerned about the administration's talk of possibly declaring a national emergency at the border, seeing that as an unprecedented claim on the right of Congress to allocate funding except in the most dire circumstances. But he did not mention that Tuesday night.

Schumer said Trump "just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration".

"They don't come in through checkpoints, they come through areas where you have hundreds of miles without walls and without barrier or without strong fences", Mr. Trump said at the Capitol.

The bollard-style corrugated steel border fence now advocated by Mr. Trump once garnered broad support among Democrats. But one person said it was unclear whether Trump was serious or joking.