EU, NATO should agree on joint position towards Huawei: Poland - International

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Polish state TV reported that the Chinese man is a director at Huawei in Poland and that the Pole has worked at the Internal Security Agency, the agency that investigates spying and terrorism. USA officials are claiming Huawei is working with the Chinese government, allowing its equipment to be used by the government for spying on Western adversaries.

The company is a leader in the development of next-generation "5G" mobile networks and a key player in building them in Europe but some countries are starting to reconsider using Huawei's equipment over data security concerns.

The firm has repeatedly denied the accusations but several Western countries have restricted Huawei's access to their markets.

Huawei commented on the arrest but did not disclose any additional information.

While the details of their alleged espionage have not yet been made public, a spokesman for Poland's security services has told Reuters that the allegations are related to individual actions, not directly related to Huawei.

Local media identified the Chinese man as a Huawei director.

The pair are set to remain in custody for at least three months and apparently face up to ten years in prison.

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"Huawei has always abided by applicable laws and regulations of the country where it is located... and requires all employees to abide by the country's laws and regulations", it said. As well as producing smartphones, the Chinese corporation develops mobile network infrastructure used in many countries, which some nations see as a potential security risk.

Huawei issued a statement from its Chinese headquarters saying it was aware of the situation and was looking into it.

The Chinese foreign ministry said Friday it was "highly concerned" about the case and later said it was seeking to arrange a consular visit for Wang as soon as possible.

The European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation should work on a joint position on whether to exclude Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei from their markets, Poland's internal affairs minister, Joachim Brudzinski, said on Saturday. She was granted bail by the Canadian supreme court in December 2018.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat even went as far as praising Sai Mizzi, wife of Minister Konrad Mizzi whose allegations on money laundering have become too long to document, for introducing Huawei and its 5G network to Malta.

Nonetheless, intelligence bods recommended banning the use of the kit, and official blocks are in place for state-funded projects in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

In an email, Enwright says Bradley is "leaving to start the next chapter of his career journey" and thanked him for helping to grow the Huawei brand and public image and build relationships with government. "The homes of both men, also in Warsaw, were also searched, according to [Internal Security Agency] spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn". Huawei has even hosted nearly 60 engineering students from Canada for work-study getaways to China through its global "Seeds for the Future" program.