Blast Hits Manbij, Syria Near Coalition Patrol, US Soldies Reportedly Killed

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An explosion damaged a restaurant in Manbij, Syria, Wednesday, shown in a screengrab from the Kurdish Hawar News agency, or ANHA. They also said surveillance video from a nearby building showed a lone attacker rushing into a crowd near a restaurant where USA troops were known to meet with their coalition counterparts.

The exact number of Americans killed has yet to be confirmed but a spokesman for the US-led coalition against Isil said that multiple USA soldiers had died.

An explosion on a bustling downtown street killed several U.S. servicemembers on routine foot patrol inside the Syrian city of Manbij, U.S. military officials said on Wednesday.

Nine civilians and five US-backed fighters were among the dead in the attack on a restaurant in the flashpoint city, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Manbij has been held by US -backed fighters allied to the Kurdish YPG militia since they took it from ISIS in 2016. It's unclear whether it was a USA -operated helicopter, as Dalati claimed on Twitter, or one operated by an ally.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence told a gathering in Washington of USA ambassadors that "ISIS has been defeated", without referencing the attack earlier on Wednesday.

The suicide attack in Manbij is just the latest hard truth assessment on how the USA remains locked in a brutal fight against a formidable enemy, despite Trump's pronouncements that ISIS' reign of terror is all but over.

President Trump surprised his own officials on 19 December when he announced that all United States troops would be leaving the country.

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The ISIS-affiliated Amaq agency said the attack in the northern city of Manbij was carried out by a suicide bomber with an explosive vest.

Independent reports by Reuters and others say four Americans were killed, though the precise figure hasn't been confirmed.

The attack, which took place in the town of Manbij, controlled by rebels opposed to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, appears to be the deadliest on U.S. forces in Syria since they deployed on the ground there in 2015.

Mike Pence claims ISIS has been defeated.

Trump was informed that pockets of ISIS militants remained in the Euphrates River valley and that USA military had not yet eliminated all of their strongholds.

Sources on location told Kurdistan 24 that among the U.S. soldiers present, two had been killed, while Turkish media outlets stated that the USA soldiers were only injured.

The blast occurred as USA military personnel were conducting a patrol of the city.

Manbij is a strategically located city, which is at the center of a tense confrontation between the Kurds and Turkey, which considers the Kurdish fighters to be terrorists. Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak said five Americans were killed by the explosion.