Trump tells Congress - and Sanders - 'America will never be socialist'

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The next morning Scalise and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., of California doubled down on that attack line during a Republican leadership news conference. When the senators arrive for a joint session the gap comes into view.

While her sister, Ivanka, and stepmother, Melania, stuck with the right wing's dark-colored dress code, Tiffany wore a white pencil skirt and matching peplum top, which she secured with a nude belt. And the contrast laid bare the growing gender gap between Democrats and Republicans.

VPR carried NPR's special live coverage of President Donald Trump's speech Tuesday night - find an annotated version of that speech here - followed by the subsequent Democratic response to the address. But they leapt to their feet when he noted there are "more women in the workforce than ever before".

There were white pantsuits, of course.

It was also a symbolic nod to the power and influence of black women - and all women - in anchoring the Democratic base, a reality also on display as Trump delivered his address. Even a puffy zip snow vest.

Frankel pointed out there have never been as many Democratic women serving in Congress as there are today.

One of the more memorable moments of the night came when the president took credit for an increase of women in the workforce.

While the president brought up acts of gun violence during his speech, he did not make any calls for gun safety reform.

So sure, thank you, Trump.

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Communications specialist and speech coach Ruth Sherman saw "good moments, affectionate moments that warm him up to a country that needs to warm up to him".

In more recent years, Hilary Clinton often donned a white pantsuit, most notably when accepting her party's presidential nomination in 2016.

He said, "The only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations" an apparent swipe at the special counsel investigation into ties between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 campaign.

It happened near the beginning of Trump's second State of the Union address, but the first before Pelosi as speaker. He did shake her hand at the end of the speech.

"Trump did not wait for the Speaker to introduce him to the Congress, which is the protocol".

The two had sparred during the partial federal shutdown over whether he should even give the speech at all. But he delivered no ultimatums about what it would take for him to sign legislation to keep the government open. He said yes, but eventually relented.

"It's really quite a sad thing when you know that we'll be talking about something that applies to the health and life - health and ability to have other children of women", she said when asked by The Daily Caller. (AP) Congresswomen, dressed in white in tribute to the women's suffrage movement, pose for a photo as they arrive for the State of the Union address. Rep. Dean Phillips, a newly elected Democrat from Minnesota, wore a white jacket, as did Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill.

As soon as the speech was done, the women headed for the doors, their place in history, in white, complete.