MLB owners, players are talking rule changes to invigorate baseball

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Although MLB and its teams have consistently generated revenue at a healthy pace, including setting a record during the 2018 season, the league has entered into several discussions over recent years on how to improve the product.

Those changes include the introduction of a 20-second pitch clock, a reduction in mound visits from six to five, and the placement of a baserunner on second base when spring training games - and the All-Star Game - reach extra innings. "Our goal in Major League Baseball is to get all of our players signed, particularly our star players, and have 'em in camp when we're ready to go".

Top baseball officials have criticized the union publicly in the past for not showing a willingness to come to the bargaining table, even as top union officials have criticized some owners over a perceived lack of competitiveness.

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Manfred first proposed the pitch clock before last season but the idea was shot down by players. However, the three-batter minimum and 12-pitcher maximum would make left-handed specialists in the bullpen harder to keep on the roster.

"We would prefer more action and more offense, " St. Louis Cardinals chairman William DeWitt Jr. said Thursday at the owners meetings. Major League Baseball has proposed to the players' association that the 10-day list go back to a 15-day minimum, its level before 2017. In one proposed scenario, teams that fail to meet a specified win threshold over a number of seasons would fall in draft position. Since 1973, baseball has operated with different rules for the National and American Leagues - with pitchers hitting in the former, but not the latter - and necessitating shifting rules and roster manipulation for interleague and World Series games. While numerous proposed changes like the universal DH and a single trade deadline seem like great ideas, there is one suggestion that made me cringe.