Canadian minister quits as political crisis deepens for Trudeau

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Her refusal to deny the allegation has fuelled the controversy, triggered by a Globe and Mail report that the Prime Minister's Office leaned heavily on Wilson-Raybould to instruct the director of public prosecutions to drop criminal proceedings against SNC-Lavalin and pursue a negotiated remediation agreement instead.

"In regards to the matter of SCN-Lavalin, let me be direct".

When campaigning back in 2015, Trudeau promised many times that his government would do politics "differently", that they would be positive, open, and transparent, unlike the "cynical" Harper government.

"All of this farce about reconciliation has been a dismal failure", Wilson said.

Generally, solicitor-client privilege requires a lawyer to keep confidential any communications with a client relating to legal services.

Trudeau said that he's consulting with Canada's new Attorney General David Lametti on whether, and to what degree, he can waive attorney-client privilege and reveal details of his conversations with Wilson-Raybould on the SNC-Lavalin case.

"I will highlight however that there's a real danger, and it's been flagged for me, of unintended consequences, particularly because there are two court cases ongoing directly related to this matter that could be impacted by such a decision we might make".

Wilson-Raybould, who did not give any reasons for her resignation, said in a letter to Trudeau she was quitting "with a heavy heart", adding that "I am aware that many Canadians wish for me to speak on matters that have been in the media over the past week".

Cromwell told iPolitics earlier on Tuesday that he would not be making any public comments today.

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On Monday, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, agreed to a request from New Democrats to begin an investigation into the attempts by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office to provide SNC-Lavalin with a reduced punishment stemming from serious corruption charges. And on Wednesday the justice committee will debate launching it's own probe into the issue.

In Fredericton, N.B., Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Wilson-Raybould's resignation proves there's more to the SNC-Lavalin story than Trudeau has been letting on.

The union attributed these anonymous, "cowardly" attempts to discredit Wilson-Raybould to Trudeau's staff and said they "perpetuate colonial-era, sexist stereotypes that Indigenous women can not be powerful, forthright and steadfast in positions of power".

Monday, he said in Vancouver that he'd told Wilson-Raybould that any decision on the subject was hers alone.

"When Jody was kicked in the teeth by the prime minister and shuffled down to veterans affairs. that was a clear slap in the face for all Indians in the country". She did not. Nobody did.

Then he noted that her continued presence in cabinet proved that nothing was amiss.

Moreover, he appeared to suggest Wilson-Raybould would have resigned had she felt she'd been improperly pressured. But he did not elaborate on the nature of those discussions. It was successive governments: "Conservative and Liberal and even NDP in this province", he said from Vancouver.

For example, Housefather said he didn't see a need for Trudeau to be called as a witness.