February 13, 2019 Nintendo Direct confirmed

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The upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses may have been delayed until September this year, if a recently updated retail listing is to be believed.

"Tune in on Wednesday, 13th February at 10pm GMT for a Nintendo Direct broadcast featuring around 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, including new details on Fire Emblem: Three Houses", reads a tweet from Nintendo UK.

The co-creator of Kingdom Hearts, Shinji Hashimoto, has been promoting news of the Direct on Twitter.

After much waiting and anticipation, the first Nintendo Direct of 2019 has been announced via the official Nintendo website.

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The YouTube embed for the February 2019 Nintendo Direct is below. Will you be watching the Direct this afternoon?

There aren't now any additional details on what to expect from the Nintendo Direct otherwise, but given that there are plenty of new titles coming to the system on the horizon, there are a lot of games to choose from to expand upon. We got a glimpse as new features lifted from other titles that were not included in the original such as the bell power-up in Super Mario 3D World.

One game we can safely assume won't be featured during today's presentation, however, is Metroid Prime 4. It will focus on Nintendo Switch games, with the Nintendo 3DS not mentioned. Expect to hear a lot more about it in the coming months.

"From this perspective, we have determined that the current development status of [Metroid Prime 4] is very challenged, and we had to make a hard decision as a development team".