My sincerest apologies to my fans. Its been more than a month since I last posted. Unavoidable circumstances I must say, but all that matters is me at this moment, doing what I love most.

So, I arrived home afew hours ago from school and found a full house if not full neighbourhood. See I love being on holiday when primary school kids are in school. It makes you feel grownup and lets not forget the minimal noise. So here I am, not for holidays but because of an Education standstill! The Streets are full of kids an the voice level is on a class of its own. The kids are out to play. More holiday for them.

I call it this because majority of students are at home. Words of my father, “you cannot joke with teachers and doctors”. Of course he meant they are the backbone of our society. Imagine a society without doctors or teachers! I shudder to think of the repercussions.

How hard is it to give the people who shape our society a pay rise I ask. Pretty hard according to the government if not unrealistic. This coming from a goverment whose members earn close to a million and dare to call it PEANUTS!

Peanuts to me is having 150/=ksh and having to budget for breakfast, lunch and supper for a family of five!
Its deciding to walk to work every morning to save afew pennies for a loved ones medication or school books.

Politicians have absolutely no Right to say what they earn is peanuts. Even if we look at the work they do, they destroy the nation more than they build it.

People are dying as a result of politicians, schools are closing. If this is not our cue to change our political representatives I don’t know what is.


2 thoughts on “LESS SCHOOL, MORE PLAY!

  1. …i agree with ua dad, yes they are the spine to our economy. To make the matter worse the government organs treat the issue very casually, we are headed to the third week yet no proposal from the goverment.


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