I was here

Everyday a life is lost. A light extinguished from the earth. forgotten as soon as they turn to dust.

Have you ever felt insignificant? Like if you dropped down dead in a minute you will be forgotten the next. A constant fears that the only people who’ll really mourn you are your family and some few friends who will eventually forget you!
Am not a fatalist but am a believer in a supreme being. And in my belief, everyone has a purpose and you only die when you have played your part. So no one is a waste of space.

Having said that, I think everyone should have a cause. A cause you’ll die for. You have to believe in something, believe enough to want to die for it. Whether its religion, love, or like Wangari Mathai the environment.

See, Wangari Mathai believed in the environment so much that she was cremated, to avoid using a coffin. Even in her death she saved a tree. The noble prize winner was noble to the end.

See a fatalist will believe that what should be should be. I believe that there is always a shorter way to achieve what we should achieve and after achieving your purpose you get bonus time to enjoy life.

When I die I want to leave a mark in the world. I want the world to know, I was here!


share your thoughts :-)

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