break up’s a b**Ch

I am what you would call a cynic when it comes to the matters of the heart. I believe love is a selfish human emotion. it’s just an excuse for someone to control how you live your life. the problem is I also believe in soul mates . I believe that for every Adam there is an Eve. These school of thoughts may sometimes collide but most times they just show me there is more to life than what I make of it.
OK, back to my topic. most of you who are reading this post have experienced a break up and realize that very few break ups are simple. I have a theory that ex’s who get along are either secretly wishing it never ended, getting some, or one is still sprung. so no, am never friends with my exes but don’t get me wrong i am friendly.
so break up as we have ascertained are a messy business but why so
1. its because one party always feels they have been taken for a ride.I blame soap operas, for one thing, they preach about true Love. so this prince charming leaves his fiancee of four years for the heart throbbing new beauty who has just arrived in town. and its expected of the fiancee to be OK with things. but in real life, this other woman/man is a home wrecker and the other party will move hell or high water to prevent their union
2. its one step to healing
when all is said and done I believe its therapeutic to rant and rave after a break up for self-healing if nothing else. Don’t go overboard though just find a few good friends and have a good cry if it’ll help. The first rule of moving on is painting your ex-black. you hate him till you can live with it. Then you heal and you go back to the old you.The problem is you might end up being a bitter old hag, distrustful of men.
humans are dangerous creatures. Try to seek advice when you are at your worst and you will know what I mean. everyone will have a say on how to deal with the breakup. eventually, you find yourself living someone else’s break-up fantasy. Don’t listen to people unless they are you totally trust them to help you, but that’s the thing, who do you trust.
4.its what they know
some people have been living this kind of drama all their lives. they will always have a messy breakup. you can always trust them to fight with their or burn stuff. it’s like its in their ‘DNA’

When all is said and done, the people you thought will be together always, will break up.those you thought didn’t have a chance, wills prove you wrong. and those of us will be caught in the sidelines, living life through their eyes thinking we could do better but rarely ever trying.


share your thoughts :-)

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