Election fever

I have been putting off this subject for far too long but my conscience couldn’t let me end the year without talking about it. I am a very vocal person who is very opinionated but this should not be mistaken for thinking I am always right. So its afew months before the country’s general election. A couple of things are running through my mind 1. Will I finish school and graduate in the same year. 2. Election violence.
fact-There are forty plus tribes in Kenya .For forty different cultures to coexist peacefully is a remarkable thing. It should be among the wonders of the world if you ask me. Anyway a setting like this has its setbcks of course and this was apparent in 2007 when the peaceful coexistence was shook to the core. A disputed election resulted in the worst if not darkest moment of our country.
So today I refuse to behave like the ostrich which hides its head in the sand in case of danger. Our country has a lot to learn. First among the list of what we need to learn is that we shouldn’t take people for granted. It might not look like it but each and every one of us countributes to the growth of this country. Some invest some spend some steal some give and none can do without the other.
So what may cause Post Election Violence?
The root of all evil when it comes to PEV is tribalism. I sit and ask myself what went wrong. I rememberin 2007 I was seated at a friends house having a chat with one of her parents. You must understand I had just finished school. I was seeing everything in a different light in a grown up kind of way. Goes without saying that politics was uppermost. So the friends mom starts talking about how the presidency was prophesied to be for aparticular tribe. It was not to pass a certain river.if it does it’ll mean trouble. Of course I left there with two things in mind 1. what if the prophecy doesn’t happen what then 2.what are the measures that will be taken to ensure prophecy is fullfilled. Flash forward to 2012 and I still hear the same argument. My head which always has something to say is asking will history repeat itself.

Call me a stupid romantic but I still believe tha t education can solve a lot of thing in this Kenya of ours. See where I grew up I was surrounded by people from different tribes. It was never abig deal when we grew up. You would play with whoever. Your best friend could be anyone andlike I said it was not a big deal. 2007 I want you note that very few literate people actively participated. illiterate and semi literate people caused the violence. It goes without saying that the most tribal people in Kenya are the older generation. You have to admit that the poison is slowly spreading to the young and educated masses.

Politicians have always used the tactic of Divide and Rule. A politician thrives in the midst of confusion. if a politician so much as smells anything that caused division among the citizens he will latch on to it and never let go.

i want you to think on what fear does to people. yes,fear will drive people to violence. neighbours may turn against each other notbecause they have been provoked but cause they arescared they may be attacked. the fear of post election violence may actuallylead to post election violence!

I say for those tribalistic people out there maybe we should let you to your ways but trust me a day is comeing when it will turn against you.lets rise above this babaric acts and in our diversity become one. i am for PEACE,ALWAYS!


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