They are Watching

In this day and age most if not everyone has a social network page. the most popular of these sites being Facebook, twitter, linked in, my space etc. now here is something you didn’t know. potential employers have turned to social networks to screen potential employees. yes, if you are looking for a job, chances are that guy who was to hire you, knows all your little secrets.. According to a US survey of 2,667 HR professionals forty five per cent of them check potential employees social network and 11 percent will do so in the coming year(careerbuilder.com2009). scared much!
see the problem with people is that they assume social networks are private. they post any and every information on their life. so i ask is it ethical for employers to access your information without your consent? the answer is simple, if the information is private then it shouldn’t be in a public domain.
There are no laws that protect an employee from this kind of scrutiny since social networks are public. so anyone can get access to your information as long as it is not private. but employers are warned against using this information to discriminate against people. a clear process of screening should be in place in these organisation.
Facebook does not guarantee that it will protect people from unwanted access but it provides control panel to control what is private or public.
there should be education to the masses to this effect. people who post private stuff on social network should know that it may reduce their chances of employment.
i think with all things considered if information is private , keep it so.


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