Its a dog story

How far are you willing to go for cash? That is a question i have been asking myself over and over again these past few weeks. Seeing the things happening at the coast i think people are willing to go pretty far for afew thousands. First there was the sleeping with dogs saga where the phrase men are dogs is taken literally and now they are copulating hadharani. 936211_525744734148885_1943677648_nI try to understand what happens and this is what i think
The girls.
Imagine being raised up in the slums of Africa with no money or means to make it through each day. You are shown a way to make easy money. How hard can it be sleeping with a foreigner and earning 3000ksh per hour?! Others just want easy cash so as to be able to afford the finer things in life.
The foreigner
Sarah a pal of mine, is convinced that these foreigners at our coast are so perverted that they are not even accepted in their own countries. They know that there are some poor Kenyans willing to do anything for cash and hence exploit them. To some its just business.

I think the girls have a choice and as long as they are over 18 they should face the law. But, what happens to the kids introduced in this trade. Under 18s introduced to drug abuse and other vices so as to get afew bucks. What happens to their selfworth.
What of these foreigners who come site seeing and end up messing our girls up. I say they should be banned from our country. We need the tourists and they need to tour our country, its a two way street and anyone who abuses it should face the consequences.


share your thoughts :-)

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