Bloody hackers

so recently I have been a victim of hacking. I have never thought I was a likely candidate until I saw my recent email activities. apparently I have been logging in from CA USA. the shocking part is the time the dude (am assuming its a he) was logged in is very odd I must say. of cause, i could use this excuse to explain why I have been MIA for a while, or I could use the excuse that I am stressed out after finishing University and getting no job. But, I got nothing! I mean no excuse could stick. But it is true I have been in a grey area so to speak. that time in my life where I have to figure out what road to be on. it’s not fun to be at this crossroads, to want to do everything you were meant to do but life limits you. I cant begin to say the frustration that comes from not knowing where you are supposed to go. when the question “where do I go from here?” is the only one that is constantly ringing in your head. well am past that, or at least I believe i am. its that time where my words have come back to haunt me that i choose not to be an educated fool only relying on formal employment. i have to create employment and hence have to come up with means of making this happen. Nchi ni Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚


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