Holy Matrimony

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall join to his wife: and they shall be one flesh -genesis 2:24

The story of creation of man begins with God saying, “let us create man in our own image”… So God created man and woman who was man’s helper. The man was called Adam and the woman Eve. The first man and woman sinned against God and were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. There marks the beginning of our suffering as descendants of the first man. This also marked the first matrimony since Eve was Adams wife. Phew! This girl sure knows her bible. Anyway back to holy matrimony.
The theory of one man to one woman is slowly and surely being proven wrong according to National Aids STDS Control Program (Nascop).This is because a study has shown that married couples have a two times chance of being infected with HIV than people in brothels. This just goes to show that holy matrimony ain’t that holy anymore.
Why do I say this you may ask. Well it’s because some people believe that marriage is between two people who understand each other and are together simply because they cannot live without each other. The world today tries to disapprove this and the current HIV status in the country goes to show as much. A lot of married people become positive in the confines of their marriage.
How does this happen when there is only one man and one woman who started off negative? Well this just simply means someone is getting a little sugar out of their marital bed. Of course this is not shocking having seen the media stories of the many husbands and wives caught cheating .
Well according to Oscar Wilde –The one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties. So how are married couples deceiving each other
Well, top on my list is
Same Sex Relationships
Yes, it is happening, it is here and as much as people may deny it is stretching its talons ready to snatch anyone adventurous enough to venture in its path. Someone once told me that ‘once you go rectum you never go back. I have heard stories of love triangles that involve a man his wife and another man. I have heard of a man with full grown children who for the longest time has been hiding his love for the ‘Backdoor’. To some it is an experimental phase while to others they believe they were born this way. But whatever the case you cannot live a lie just because you are afraid of society and at the end of the day infect some innocent woman who thinks she married the man of her dreams.

Mpango wa kando
It’s funny in a sad sort of way that almost all men feel it’s their right to have a little side dish. It is even sadder to see someone on live TV saying that a man should have two spouses to prevent them from having a roving eye. Of course you will defend it by saying all men are polygamous by nature. Of course in Africa this is accepted. But I believe everyone should know what they sign in for. If you are going to mary say 5 wives, you better let me know so I can leave you’re a**s. In these days of HIV and AIDS my people, you cannot indulge your every fantasy I am sorry to say.

The young dames
Well we have heard of those men who have a preference for younger girls, say fourteen year olds. I had an argument once where a guy pointed out to me that a woman’s maturity comes when she reaches child bearing age and not just when she reaches eighteen that this maturity could be as early as fourteen. So I will not argue on this front. But some men have it all twisted, they choose these fourteen year olds believing that they are pure and innocent. Of course they don’t think of the sexual abuse that some children undergo. Or with this early maturity there comes early knowledge of sex. So these men end up getting infected or they infect the young girls and this actually leads to the rise of HIV among the married and the unmarried.

Last but not least we have
The Women.
We have all heard of woman equality, well women are applying that in every sector of their lives. Gone are the days when a woman had to sit timidly at home waiting for the man of the house to show up, if he will show up. Today, women are out there doing the chase as well as the men. So how did it all start? During the days of our grandfathers women were not allowed to work and earn cash. They had to sit at home and wait for the man to bring the bread home. That changed when women were allowed to not only go to school but do the career of their choice. They started bringing home the big bucks. It reached a point that the only difference between her and her husband was that society allowed him to get away with some things while she was frowned upon. She started to feel oppressed in the house she helped build. She was earning like him, she had become the second bread winner and it was only right that she behaved like one. So in a state of acting out the woman starts to live like a man and the world now faces DOUBLE TROUBLE. Where the infection rate was one in every ten it becomes two in every ten.

So yes, the people in brothels are using condoms while the people who are supposed to trust each other are out there playing a game of ‘Catch’. We should find ways to rectify this.
In the meantime I am that hopeless romantic who believes in the sanctity of marriage, The Holy matrimony and a believer in one Adam for one Eve


4 thoughts on “Holy Matrimony

  1. Katharine Hepburn said “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.” – I think she had a point 🙂


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