A good man deserves a good woman

1173823_620550904656214_1233242674_nAs a modern day woman I seem to always find myself at a cross roads. I find myself constantly battling with the question of equality. I am stuck in a sort of line between being a feminist and settling in the traditional role that worked so well for my forefathers or should I say fore-mothers. Anyway I will figure it someday. But there is a simple truth that I have to state today. A good man deserves a good woman and vice versa. What does it take to be a good man? I might not agree with a lot of things from my grandmother’s generation but there are things that we agree on when it comes to a good man. Below are three characteristics of a good man.
1. A good man provides for his family
Before you give me the third degree seeing that I am for women empowerment and all, let me explain. Yes, we live in a world were women empowerment has seen to the ability of women to have at times, more money than their significant other. In situations like this I don’t expect you to live in poverty just because you are waiting for the man in your life to provide. But, if a man is in a position to provide for his family I say “stand down’ my sister. Of course there are those who may label you a gold digger but understand this, a man was designed with the sole purpose to be the provider. They are taller, bulkier and generally have the basic instincts to be protectors.
2. A good man loves and honors his woman
There are some men that every woman secretly dreams of. A man should first take you as you are, and make sure that he gets you in his life at the time he really needs you. Not wasting both your time waiting for the ‘one’ to come along and dumps you. A man should be proud of you, show you off every chance he gets and does not fear showing the world that he chose you. A man who loves and honors his woman has no cause to stray. It’s a given that there are temptation but a man in this position will look for ways to not fall into temptation. Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part but I do believe that all being faithful and truthful is a question of discipline which sprouts from a man’s love and honor for his woman.
3. The head of the family
I have been raised to believe that in every institution, there has to be a head. Someone who everyone will look up to in times of need. A good man is like a CEO of a company, he is accountable for people in his camp. In other words he is responsible for the image of the family and will steer the life of his family to the direction that is good for the family. A good man will seek counsel from the woman in his life and do what is beneficial to not only him but the family as a whole. Just like a CEO of a company he ensures that the family as a unit is prosperous. During the time of my forefathers a man was given a position of importance in the society based on how well he handles his family. So the man with the most wives and children was automatically given a position of power, and respected.
So forget about all men being the same, forget about labeling them dogs. There are men out there who are what we call good men and they are not afraid to show it. These are the men I feel deserve a good woman!


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