A good woman deserves a good man

1173823_620550904656214_1233242674_nThis is not one of those posts that will tell you a woman has to stay home and do the dishes and the laundry and make sure that her husband has all he wants and needs because I am a generation too late for that. It is also not a post that will tell women to take up arms and defy the men in their lives. This is the post that recognizes that we have evolved as women and we have so much to give and to offer. Allow me to elaborate. In this day and age there are blurred lines when it comes to the roles a man or a woman has to play. As a woman no one expects me to sit pretty and wait for the men in my life to do everything for me. We are more educated, more empowered and last but not least we are viewed as human beings instead of objects unlike our ancestors. To be viewed as a woman of substance in this generation you must poses a few traits:-
Strength of Character
We live in a time where the standards of the world are guided by media. You have to look a certain way to be deemed beautiful. But , beauty is what you want in a woman not what you need. There is a saying among my people that goes “if you see your mother in old age, you would think that your father wasted his dowry. This shows that beauty with time fades and you are left with something else something more valuable than beauty which is character.
You need a woman who knows her worth, someone who stands out in a crowd not because of her beauty but because of her poise. To be self-assured you need to look at the mirror and understand that you are a limited edition and therefore special. You therefore start living by the standards you have set instead of conforming to standards of the world. Someone once said that beauty today is as a result of someone else’s standard. You only need to watch TV and realize that. So for you to be an asset you need to realize that you as a person are important and walk like it.
A good woman is that who can survive on her own. Is not afraid to pay her own bills and once in a while pays yours just because she can. If you have this woman, wife her pronto! A man needs a woman who can take care of his children in case he can’t. No one wants a woman who will fall to pieces when the money dries up. In the same breath a woman has to know her mind and make decisions on her own. This starts from simple things like which movies you want to watch to which dress to wear to a meet with the parents. A woman who has opinion is a plus because you need someone to point you in the right direction when you go wrong.
To wrap it all up a good woman should be responsible for herself and her family. I read somewhere that everyone should think of themselves as a brand. When you think of yourself as a brand there are things you will not do. Instant fame that comes with posting nudes of you will not be a requirement. In this day of internet and social media the world may never forget your transgressions. You should therefore think of yourself as a world class brand that gets better with age.
If you find a woman who is willing and able to be all three then you have a keeper.
I leave you with a quote:

On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character”. Ellen J. Barrier


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