Recipe: strawberry ice cream( without an icecream maker)

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Back in college we had a get together and we decided to make ice cream. The only problem was that we didn’t have an ice cream maker but Ice cream has been made for longer than the invention of electricity as we found out hence can be made without an ice cream maker
Ingredients.2 cups of fresh strawberries,

2 cups milk

a teaspoon of vanilla extract

  3  egg yolks,

11/2 cups heavy cream


3/4 cup castor sugar and dash of salt and

preparation time-20 minutes, cook time-6hrs


1. The first step is to rinse and hull the strawberries. Hulling strawberries is removing calyx or the green stalk which is inedible. You hold the strawberry to be hulled in one hand and a knife in the other hand. Then you insert a knife tip into the straw berry at the calyx. The knife is inserted toward the center of the strawberry. Turn the strawberry (not the knife) all the while having the knife at the center of the strawberry. The calyx is cut out in the shape of a cone. This method ensures that the calyx is cut out with very minimal flesh hence no wastage.

  1. crash the strawberry using a blender. The paste is then set aside until when needed.
    3. In another large bowl whisk the sugar, egg yolks and the dash of salt.
  2. In a saucepan combine the castor sugar, milk and the heavy cream and simmer under low heat.

  3. Whisk hot cream into the egg yolk mixture. Add the mixture to the saucepan and cook over medium heat all the time stirring until the mixture thickens. You will know if mixture is ready when it coats the back of a metal spoon. This takes approximately seven to ten minutes with a temperature of 165 and 180 degrees F. the process is known as tempering. Don’t let the mixture boil as this will lead to lumpy ice cream.

  4. The ice cream mixture is put in a metallic bowl. Because the mixture was cooked you have to chill it in a freezer for twenty minute to speed up the process this will result to a creamier ice cream.

  5. Take the mixture out of the freezer and whisk it. Then return bowl to the freezer. This is done after every 20 to 30 minutes until mixture is frozen. This is to stop the ice cream from forming a block and also to aerate. Aeration is meant to stop the formation of small ice crystals.

  6. Add the strawberry paste and stir. We add the strawberries now since they cannot sink to the bottom of the bowl. The ice cream is continuously stirred every 20-30minutes until it becomes hard to stir. The bowl is then covered and left to freeze till it becomes hard. Before serving allow ice cream to stand under room temperature for 10 minutes until it softens.
     Homemade ice cream does not store for long and should be kept in an airtight container for not more than a week.



helpful books
Liddel,C. Weir,R.(1996) Frozen desserts : the definitive guide to making ice creams, ices, sorbets, gelati, and other frozen delights New York St. Martins Giffin



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