One breath away from a Kenyan Genocide: The ten stages of a Genocide

I have always taken pride in the fact that I am more of an optimist than a pessimist. I rather think of the glass as half full than half empty. But today I had the news and my heart broke. So allow me this once to be the prophetess of doom. To tell you darkness is coming if you don’t mend your ways. Now I sound like a priest :-).
I came across a note on Facebook the other day and felt it prudent for me to share it.

Here goes…

The ten Stages of a Genocide
Stage 1: Pre-Genocide Era
Here, you are all over social media and other communication platforms. You are seeking war. You are spreading hate speech against other tribes. You have never been to a real war. But you feel like a real ninja. You want a Luo’s, Kikuyu’s, Kamba’s, Nandi’s,Kalenjin’s or any other tribes’ blood.
Stage 2: Fuck Peace
Here, you ninjas are being told about peace. You hear a voice of
reason talking about it and you ignore. You dismiss peace. You
want war. Amani haipatikani ila kwa ncha ya upanga, you say.
Stage 3: Weapon Assembly
Here, you are charged up for war. You have started assembling your
weapons. You have started motivating your tribesmen. You
have started attending secret meetings to plan how you will
attack. You are ready. You want war.
Stage 4: A Reminder Of Peace
You are being reminded to maintain peace. You don’t want to listen. You are all over the place. You come up with cheap excuses to justify your intentions. You are being told that
two wrongs don’t make a right. Those not willing to fight are
cowards, you say.
Stage 5: Withdrawal
Here, the message of peace has now become irrelevant. It has fallen on deaf ears. Embassies start shutting down. Businesses start closing down. Families start rushing to their homelands.
Politicians start transporting their families and relatives abroad. You have been given enough space to
fight. It is war you want, it is war you’ll get.
Stage 6: The Genocide
You’re hacking each other with renewed hatred and vigour. You are
spending sleepless nights burning villages, slitting throats and
destroying property. The families of the victims start retaliating in other areas of the country. It started with you. It is spreading all over.
Stage 7: Mass Evacuation
Families are being told to abandon their homes and go back to where they were born. Those who can’t make it on time are hacked to death. Those who try to escape meet road blocks and your crew
members who hack them to death. It’s a full blown war.
Stage 8: The Manifestation Of IDPS
Your homes have been burnt. Your families killed. Nowhere in the
country is safe. You abandon your weapons and rush to UN-sponsored
IDP camps. You meet members of other tribes in the same camp you
are in. They are all wounded. Terribly butchered and waiting for
the angel of death to take them. You are sleeping in a leaking tent. You are feeding on relief food. You have nowhere to go. You have to live with the people you hated so much.
Stage 9: A Cry For Peace
More and more people are being hacked to death all over the
country. You follow updates via the only radio in the IDP camp. You are crying for peace. You can’t end what you started. Your families are trapped elsewhere. You are worried about them. But wait, you weren’t worried about anyone else when you started this whole thing. You are crying for peace. It is nowhere to be found.
Stage 10: Post-Genocide Era
Here, the political rivals have decided to reconcile. They have
reunited with their rivals for the sake of peace. You are trying to reunite with your families but you can’t because they’re all dead. The government announces a national day of healing, reconciliation and mourning. The president attends a
mass burial of your friends, family and relatives. They now rest six feet under. Their hopes gone. Their dreams shattered. Their lives stolen. Because of your careless talk. You have nowhere to go. You need to start afresh. Your home has been burnt down to ashes. You are officially an IDP. You’ve lost everything. Your political god has gained everything.”

I Am for Peace, ALWAYS.


share your thoughts :-)

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