Things to do when going on a blind date


When you reach a certain age and you are still single, you will find friends trying to hook you up. You know the situation is dire when your parents also try to pull this stunt. So to appease these lovely creatures you decide to meet the recommended party. So now you find yourself preparing for a blind date you didn’t want. Or you were just perusing the internet when you happen across this specimen who tickled your fancy. A few chats and late night calls lead to you having a date. Well here are five pointers when going for that blind date.

  1. Kill expectations.
    You have decided to go out with this guy/girl whose voice raises goose bumps on your arms. You feel in your heart that this might be the one. So you go into this date expecting to meet Mr/Miss perfect. Chances are you are going to be disappointed. They just won’t be tall enough or light skinned enough. So don’t expect anything from these dates. Dont even expect they will pick the tab. After all if you are too dissapointed you can always make up an excuse to leave and never call again.

2.Pick the venue before hand
You should have a venue picked before the Dday. When picking the venue you should have the other person in mind. Avoid situations where you take a religious person to a bar. Besides, this will ensure you control the price and quality of the food or drink. Take me for example, I was Taken to this joint where I was served diluted white water ( to pass as milk) with a sachet of coffee. I mean if you have to impress me atleast take me to a place that has good coffee sigh. In his defence I think he did pick the venue five minutes after we met. Sloppy

  1. Google them
    There is power in the internet. As long as you have someones name you can always find their photo. They almost always have a photo somewhere either on social media or linked in (stalker much). When you do this you can comfortably cover 1and 2 above.

  2. First impressions matter
    People have varied reasons for going on a blind date. Some, like me would go for the experience, others would go for a relationship. whatever your reasons, make sure you make a good first impression. Don’t drink too much, dont talk too much about yourself, don’t be rude. And most importantly Don’t be that guy who is constantly on his phone

  3. Make sure to have fun
    This ties nicely with number two. a blind date should be treated as an adventure. Choose a place where you will enjoy yourself. If you put someone at ease you are more likely to enjoy your date. So go do something that will put you at ease. P.s Movies are a terrible idea for a first blind date.

  4. Bonus
    Someone should always know where you are. Take a picture of where you are or just tweet. After all safety comes first.


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