The supermarket love triangle


He watched as she made her way to the entrance of the supermarket. She was exactly his type. Long legged, pretty face, caramel skinned. His heart beat accelerated as a shiver ran down his body. Time for a little fun in his life.  Who knows, she could be the one.

He walks towards her. Not too obviously though. He might “accidentally” bump into her he thinks. Then spark a conversation after apologies had been said. That always works.

Or he should dumb it up abit and pretend that he didn’t know where the maize flour was.
Maybe by the end of it all he will have her number and her heart if he played his cards right.
The chase was on.

He follows her into the supermarket. All supermarkets are the same he thinks. Some will put the cooking oil on the left others on the right but the snacks were always put at the front. To prompt impulse buying of course he smirks.

He grabs a trolley and leisurely pushes it. It always pays to appear relaxed. Its a good thing he loved shopping. “Especially since its the best way to pick up women”, that little devil in his head says. He just chuckles and pushes forward. 

She is now at the end of the aisle. Looking closely at a box of biscuits.  A sweet tooth he thinks.  Thats always nice. He groans as she bites her lip in concentration.

Drat she moved just as he was approaching. He will have to accidentally bump into her in another aisle. He remembers rule one “never let them know you are eyeing them” he says under his breath.

He turns. “Sorry”, she smiles. Noticing that her curse was loud enough to wake the dead. He smiles back. Not his type. 
“My mom has sent me for Mayo”, she says gesturing at the shelf full of mayonaise. “Only problem is, she forgot to tell me there are so many types”, she whines.
She looked confused. Genuinely confused.
” Actually Mayo is just Mayo. Unless you want the eggless one he says Pointing the two out. Besides you can always call her to ask”, he adds impatiently. He was wasting precious minutes.
“Smart man she smiles back. I think I will do just that”.

He turns and strides to a different aisle. Precious minutes have been lost. He needed to find his prey before she left.

There she is. Her trolley was halfway full. You could always spot the single ones he thinks to himself.  They always buy single packets of everything. She puts a packet of pasta in her trolley. By now he is at her side. Its time for the kill.

He picks two packets of pasta from the shelf. “Hey miss, Can I ask you a question.  She looks at him warily. She nods. Which brand would you recommend?”.
The lost bachelor routine always works. He is pulling all his cards out today. He notices the moment she becomes interested.  Its usually after he smiles. It had to do with his dimple he had been told. Of course the fact that he was tall dark and handsome also played a role.

“You don’t want this brand. It looks too….. He could have sworn she wanted to say cheap. This one is better she says breathlessly”  The lady had fallen, Hook line and sinker.

He hated the brand she just picked.  It just never cooks right.

“Actually, my mum says this cooks better than this other one. Less soggy”. The Mayo girl.
So she knows more about pasta than mayo. Interesting.

He takes a good look at her. A red beanie to cover her head.  Her kinky hair showing at the end. Aeu natural is the word that comes to mind. She has a cute face. Not his type but cute all the same.
“I take it you called your mum”, he says indicating her trolley.
“Yes! I did. And she finally told me the type, right after telling me I have failed as a woman. She says wrinkling her cute nose. He laughs. It has been a while since he laughed.

The prey clears her throat.  Maybe to indicate she was still there. He knew how it would play out with the prey. His mind needed a challenge. The smile she bestowed on him confirmed the battle had been won.

“Thank you ladies”. He beams.  Then wheels his trolley to a different aisle. The prey had her talons out already. Possessive he thinks.
Let the fates guide him on this one.

At the cashier. The Mayo girl was on the opposite counter. She smiles at him. Beautiful smile he thinks. The prey comes up behind him. Beautiful skin he thinks.

They are at the door. He fishes out his card and hands it to her.
I am Henry by the way. He says. Call me sometime.
I can give you lessons on Mayos. He chuckles as he walks toward his car.

The prey gives Mayo girl a dirty look.
Oh well all is fair in love and hate.
His first supermarket love triangle.
He should write about this….


17 thoughts on “The supermarket love triangle

  1. It just hit me… These guys met in a supermarket ad strangers right? But they’ve reached a point in their pre relationship most people have never in years of a real relationship lol. They’ve walked down the aisle together 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yours- He might “accidentally” bump into her he thinks.
        Correction- Time to “accidentally” bump into her (or something similar).

        Yours- Which brand would you recommend.
        Correction- Using speech marks as well as a question mark.

        There’s a few more, it’s just a matter of proof reading, I truly did enjoy the story though and it didn’t bother me too much 🙂


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