Why can’t God speak to me directly??!!


It’s a Friday evening. A feel good Friday. You know the one that makes you want to clap your hands and do a dance. So I am about to clock out when a client walks in. Being in the retail business, when a client walks in, you better have a smile plastered on your face. But remember this is a feel Good Friday so my pearly whites are already on full display before he even gets to sit. Five minutes and am done I think to myself.

“Good Afternoon. How can I assist you today.” I ask in a cheerful voice.

“Ahhh.. Afternoon. Client stammers. Never a good sign.

“I have a problem. Someone just sent me instructions in Arabic’’.

He proceeds to show me the text.

At this particular point I am thinking how the hell he got a text in Arabic. My judgy critical side has already deduced that he is neither Muslim nor Arab. If it was any other day I would have pulled a Mata Hari but it is a feel Good Friday and I need to sort him out as quickly as possible. So no spying on why he has received a text in Arabic.

In my solution oriented mode I take his phone and give him the, I will be back in a few minutes speech and actually go to find someone who can translate this message. My good deed for the day is done.

“, we are trying to find someone to translate the message, this may take a few minutes I tell him as I get back to my desk.

We are silent for a bit. My good manners would have prompted me to carry out a conversation.  But I had a report to send before I clock out. And client here has just taken half that time. So no I will settle for just giving him smiles once in a while.

He clears his throat, I look up.

“I have something to tell you”, he starts.

I smile and nod my head in encouragement. Spit it out my head screams as he takes a few more seconds to study me.

“God wants me to give you a message”, he bluntly states.

Wait! What!! My smile falters. Within five minutes God had decided to send a messanger to me. When I talked to him that morning he did not say anything about a messenger. So he chooses a feel good Friday to send me a ‘prophet’

I have to state that I am a completely spiritual person. I speak to God regularly. I even pray for my food before every meal. So now I feel like those break ups where you find out from someone else that he is seing Sally who in this case is your best friend. I digress.

I hope he doesn’t say that God has told him I am his wife or something. For one, I am not ready for marriage. Two, God cannot send him to be my husband. Why? Because God knows how into Idris Elba I am. He knows the torch I carry in my heart for that black guy with blue eyes in How to think like a man, Michael Ealy is his name.

But they do say God works in mysterious ways right. And in his mysteriousness he sends me this guy.

I give the guy a once over. He is short and that is not even the problem. He has those beer bellies that make him sit like ‘anaota jiko’

He has on a checked shirt. I hate checked shirts. They remind me too much of an ex. And this checked shirt of his is those dirty brown colors. So not happening.  In this instance God had better talk to me himself.

So I give said dude a look I usually reserve for people who piss me off. If you know my family you would know the particular look am talking about.

He squirms in his sit.

“So what message has God told you to tell me”, I ask in my no nonsense voice.

“He has not told me clearly.  He will give me the message clearly later. I will come back when he gives me the clear message.

He finishes with ” Me ni mtumishi wa mungu” ( I am a servant of God)

I am livid at this point but the nature of my work does not allow me to give him a kick out of the office.

Later that day I come to an understanding with God, If he has something I should know to please  speak to me directly!!

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Posted from WordPress for Android


17 thoughts on “Why can’t God speak to me directly??!!

  1. New pick up line.. “God ha sent me to give you a message”
    Kwanza venye I don’t go to church I’ll show up and look all deeply mysterious and sit next to the mamaz in choir. Be as loud as them and keep taking my coat off and “pepearin” it in the air like a bendera.
    Be as noticeable as possible but very far away from the prey lol then BAM!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How do people fall for this stuff? I mean why would God not give the other party a hint that he is sending someone smh.
      Guess I will never understand that.
      By that that stunt may just work lol

      Liked by 1 person

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