Its time to break the silence! One voice at a time!


I have discovered a new world. A new world of poets and singers, spoken wordsmiths and painters. A world that has spelt out my purpose in bright bold letters. Albeit abit late in my life( should have known when I was sixteen). But better late than never, right?

I love boys ( term used lightly). They have a knack of steering me to the right direction.  It was a boy who made me write a full article,  shukran J. It was a girl who acts like a boy that made me start my blog.(that is a compliment aye) It was a boy who introduced me to Fatumas voice two Saturdays ago which led me to this moment. The moment to break the silence. To this particular event held at the Creative Garage. The Sema forum. A forum for gender based violence hosted by Anika


The catch phrase for this particular forum was, Using the arts as a voice against sexual abuse and Gender based Violence.

I can draw Donald ducks face so in this way I am an artist. No?! Besides i am a writer isn’t that art? Ok, does it help that I am passionate about this subject? Come on now, one of those quetions warrants a yes!

So I made my way to the Creative Garage. Hoping this will be a Saturday afternoon well spent. I hate wasting my Saturday afternoons.  Its the only free time I get so it has to be for something constructive.  Sundays are for the family and catching up on sleep. I see that changing soon though.

So I arrive at the venue and actually see someone I know.  Thank you Jesus! There is nothing like going to a place where you don’t know anyone. You will be that awkward girl sitted on the corner dwindling her thumbs. So not cool.

I used to think I am passionate about this topic until I saw Glady K. Mwende. They called her the flag bearer of Anika. She is a wee little thing. ( by the way most poetess’ I know are petite, how is that?). She looks more like a teenager I think to myself. A small lady with a big vision. I like that. I will interview her one of these days. A young woman who belives, “Freedom means letting go of your self”

She goes on stage and gives the reason why she started Anika. ” I started Anika because I wanted to simply break the silence on sexual Abuse. Mostly from what I have gone through as a child and what I saw while growing up.. “, she says.

Apparently back in primary (Olympic) she found out that a number of boys in her class had been molested.
So Anika, as I found out is like hanging these stories out to dry. No more dirty linen being hidden in the closets. What Anika is doing is airing these stories out there in order to get solutions. 
Worthy cause if you ask me.

By the end of the forum I got that there is never an excuse for abuse.  There is no justifiable reason why you can raise your hand to hit your girlfriend or wife. No justification that goes into rape. Don’t hit me with the dress code nonsense. Kids are being raped left right and center, boys beeing sodomised by people they trust. Were they provokingly dressed.

When will it end. SEMA, ANIKA and the Creative Garage are saying the silence stops now!
Like I said, I want to support a forum that speaks against abuse, sexual or otherwise. And especially Gender based violence!
Like them on facebook and before I forget the next event is on the 19th of September come ready to Anika!
Let break the silence, one voice at a time!


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