A Child Called “It”

A Child Called A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is hands down the most disturbing book I have ever read. The fact that it is actually an account of what Dave Pelzer went through at the hands of his unstable alcoholic mother and spineless father makes it even more harrowing.

The book speaks of how at first his mother is a loving woman raising three boys with an equally loving husband. Then one day she pulls his hand from its socket and lies to the doctor that he rolled from the top deck of his bed. The little boy did not know what was in store for him after this.
It is a sickening case of child abuse that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief as tears stream down your face. Especially when the boy(Dave) is forced to go for up to ten days without food, is beaten black and blue on numerous occasions and is eventually stabbed by his OWN mother.
When reading this book I had two emotions
I hated everyone in that house. From his father who for some strange reason never stood up to his wife.What kind of a father asks his son to go and finish washing the dishes when the son tells him he has been stabbed by the mother?
I hated the brothers in that house (By the end of the book they were five). From the eldest to the four-year-old one who actually acted as the devil’s advocate ( devil being the mother)
I hated his mother who inflicted so much pain on her own child going to the extent of forcing him to eat his own vomit.
I hated the kids and teachers in his school that never saw a problem and instead hated him.
2) Disbelief
How do you treat your own kid like that? How?
How does Dave still hold on despite all these? Why didn’t anyone say anything at the beginning?

Some critics have said that the book has been exaggerated or it contains false accounts. However I have seen abuse and even though I haven’t seen to this extent I do know people are evil.
It makes you think (especially here in Africa where we get away with spanking our kids) what children go through in these bloody houses.
I am not a happy person after reading this book. Not at all.
With this book, we should start conversations about child abuse.
You will be surprised how many people have been abused and will continue the circle of abuse.
Prepare to be disturbed as you read this gut-wrenching tale.

Why you should read the book: To see how parents can turn from care givers to abusers. To realize that sometimes kids need protection from the ones they love.


6 thoughts on “A Child Called “It”

  1. I have this book on my TBR. I read the series on reverse starting with Lost Boy and you are so right about the abuse. Dave Pelzer went through so much. Its crazy to imagine it. I got the other book now written by his brother, I look forward to reading both. Thanks for this great review.

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    1. I will try looking for the others. I think the last one is “A man called Dave”. I don’t think I want to put myself through the horror again though 😦


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